AR Submersible aerator

Power:            1.5 kW -> 55 kW
Air volume:      30 m3/h -> 825 m3/h
Oxygen input:  1 -> 82 kgO2/h
Material:          FC 200 ....


  • With fast industrial developments, human life became more materially civilized. On the contrary, gigantic quantities of waste water were brought by the industrial manufacturing. In the meantime, large quantities of household waste water were also resulted from our daily life. All these have affected the living quality and damaged the environmental ecology. Chuan Yuan has been making every endeavour in developing the waste water processing equipment. In addition to sewage pumps, waste handling pumps, sludge dehydration system, the company also developed submersible aerator and surface aerators for higher processing rate of BOD and COD in the processes of waste water. These aerators have been widely used in domestic and overseas waste water processing plants.


1.Submersible motor, low noise, high efficiency.
2. It has unique design for gas mixture chamber whose intake quantity is big. It can be mixed well with water.
3. Adopt double mechanical seal, can extend useful life of motor.
4.Twelve rediated outlets (high power aerator have fourteen outlets), can bring a mass of bubbles.
5. Netty inlet, can avoid impeller not to be blocked by foreign material.
6. Use guide rail to allow pump for easy installation, maintenance & reparation.

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