CP Submersible solid handling pump

  • Power:     0.75kW-250kW
  • Outlet:     50mm-500mm
  • Head:      6m-45m
  • Capacity: 6m3/h-2650m3/h
  • Material:  FC200.SCS13.SCS14


  1. Wastewater lift station; 
  2. Municipal wastewater treatment plant;
  3. Building wastewater treatment system; Animal & poultry farm wastewater treatment system; 
  4. Hospital, school, community etc. Wastewater treatment system; Food, paper, mining, textile, leather, chemical industry etc. wastewater treatment system.
  5. Water purification system.



  • Squirrel cage, induction motors are F class insulation. motor protection grade is IP68.


  • Well statically & dynamically balanced Non-Clog impeller is designed to allow sizable spherical solids to pass the plow passage easily without clogging.It adopts rigorous 
  • technics so that vibration and noise can be farthest reduced.


  • The cable assembly is formed to one piece . The mechanical seals protect the motor from contacting the pumping liquids.Two ways of the seal are in series
  • with each other and individually work to provide the motor with a dual protection.


  • To allow pump for easy installation, maintenance & reparation, as it is no need to empty the tank first.


  • Built-in leakage detector in the oil chamber can dectet leakage from the damage of the mechanical seal. (The power lower than 15KW is optional,not lower than 15KW is standard accessories.)Built-in leakage detector in the wiring box can check if a leak in it,The leakage detector offers pump an automatic protection. (Not stamdard accessories, the power not lower than 18.5KW is optional)


  • Built-in heat protector in motor, it secures the protection of motor against burning out. (The power lower than 15KW is optional,not lower than 15KW is standard accessories.) overload & overheating to Built-in heat protector in bearing, when the bearing is abnormal and the temp-erature rises to disconneting temperature, the protector automatically cat off power supply to protect the bearing.(options)


  • Pumps make use of inner pressure of pump cauvty to make liquid contiwue entering to space between cooling house and motor outer, to take away the heat the motor produces. ( The power not lower than 18.5KW is optional)

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