DBW woven wool type sludge dewatering machine

  • The filter band width:                   500-2000mm
  • Processing capacity:                  2.56-28.2m3/h
  • Dry weight:                                48-413kg.ds/h
  • Moisture content of sludge cake: 75-82%


  • All kinds of industrial wastewater treatment sludge dewatering treatment of urban sewage, slaughtering industry sludge dewatering of water and fertilizer, food processing, chemical water treatment plant sludgedewatering, mining and other various solid-liquid separation process inindustrial process.


  1. The body is small, large processing quantity, save space.
  2. Structure design simple, easy operation and maintenance.
  3. Cleaning water little, little power, energy saving, no noise.
  4. Using the standing hair type fiber filter belt can effectively prevent sludgesideslip, excellent permeability, good mud cake stripping, low water content, treatment for oily sludge, difficult to handle viscous sludge,activated sludge can also be effective. The filter with a nylon material itselfcharacteristic temperature of 180 degrees, acid and alkali resistance,solvent resistance, not easy to appear the phenomenon of hair.

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