DH(V) Double-suction Horizontal centrifugal pump

      Power:        2.2 kW -> 1.120 kW
  Outlet:         DN 125 -> DN 500
  Head:          6.4 m -> 165 m
  Capacity:    35 m3/h -> 3.778 m3/h
  Material:      FC200


DH(V) pump can be used to delivery clear liquids and should not contain solids at temperature below 130C. Air-condition cold water circulation. Water supply and discharge in factories, mines, urban areas. Water supply in power plants, water-conservancy projects as well as irrigation and drainage of farmland.Fire system, ship industry and chemical&oil industry.


DH(V) series pump is single stage, double suction, axial split case, volute centrifugal pump. Horizontal or vertrical installation.The motor of the pump can be installed in the left or right .Suction and discharge are horizontally below the pump shaft centerline. when maintenance or service is needed, just open the pump cover and take out the rotation part to repair without dismantle the pipeline and motor.

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