DP submersible sewage pump

  • Power: 0.4 kW -> 55 kW
  • Outlet: 27 mm -> 150 mm
  • Capacity: 6 m3/h -> 400 m3/h
  • Foreign matters allowance up to 70% of discharge size


  • The base of building drainage equipment and sewer drainage works.
  • Civil and architectural engineering construction.
  • Farm irrigation and pasturage drainage.
  • Cabin ponding and waste water drainage.


  • Excellent non-clogging performance, the impeller will generate vortex flow, which drive and discharge solids through pump flow channel; foreign matters allowance up to 70% of discharge size; able to transfer liquid with modicum air.
  • The application of liquid temperature: 0~40°C.
  • Mechanical seal:
  • DN50: one mechanical seal (double-end);
  • DN80: two mechanical seals (single-end);
  • Material: SIC.
  • Squirrel-cage, induction motors are F class insulation,
  • motor protection grade is IP68.

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