GC/GH/GM filter press dewatering machine series

  • The filter area:           0.5-513.5 M2
  • Processing capacity: 4-10270 L/ batch
  • Filter plate size:        300 x 300-2000 x 2000 mm


1. Coagulation and sedimentation of sludge dewatering treatment of variousindustrial waste water of 1. inorganic mixed.

2. construction of river mud, sludge dewatering treatment (reservoir).

3. the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, dyeing (Yan) material, ceramic,mining industry and other related industries in the manufacturing process of the solid / liquid separation dehydration treatment.


1. host body front, rear plate and the cross beam rod, all by the CNCmilling machine processing after the integral forming, ensure that therack main body angle of vertical and smooth surface precision.

2. The 2 beam rod made of carbon steel solid steel, is matched with the front, rear plate closely fit to the convex and concave grooves, in type Harchitecture into fixed inclined pin and a bolt, with the high tensionelectrode welding firm, never tear of account, ensure that the machinehas long service life.

3. Plastic box type filter plate 3 P.P project, by processing and molding, light quality, chemical resistance, high filtering speed, good sealing performance, durable deformation, long service life.

4. diaphragm filter plate again two times, can reduce the filter cakemoisture content and shorten the treatment time, high economic benefit.

5. The 5 filter P.P based materials, permeability is good, the filter cake of stripping is strong, otherwise a variety of different materials and densitycan choose to use with the industry.

6. mechanical segmented fast automatic plate: (GC2A/GH2A/GM2A only)for models of more than 30 pieces of rapid plate, divided into 3~16 timesthe number of automatic plate.

7. The 7 shock (shake) dynamic auxiliary blanking system: (the NGC3/GH3/GM3 one by one the earthquake drop) (limit of GC2/GH2/GM2 series adopts a intact shake down)

8. synchronous plate device:

(the GC2/GH2/GM2 two segmented semi automatic plate type used to shorten the time) plate, simple operation, increase the treatment efficiency.

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