LRB low pressure three-lobe roots blower

  • Capacity:   0.82m3/h-127m3/h
  • Pressure:   6000mmAq
  • Outlet:       50mm-300mm


  • Water treatment;Brewery and beverage industry;Fishery;Incinerator;Fermenting plant;Car washing;Paper mill;Pipe clearing;Electroplate factory;Sauna;Conveying


1.Wide range of capacity and pressure.
2.Delivers completely oil-free air.
3.Low oscillation and low noise by dynamic balance which revised by computer.
4.Smaller change in capacity against change in pressure.
5.High efficiency due to special impeller design,great air-delivery low power.
6.Simpler and solider structure,less trouble.
7.Highest quality pilot & accurate great applied,long life and low noise assured.
8.Standardized product with strict quality control.
9.Our impeller has used the most advanced technic,one time for all working process of the six-shaft method,to enhance the precision of leave wheel.

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