MVN axis of the multistage turbine pump


Power:    5.5 KW -> 900 KW

Head:      3 m -> 270 m

Traffic:    8 m3/h -> 2.400 m3/h

Material: FC 200




      This product is a kind of widely used pumping drainage device, can be used in power plants, steel plants, mines, chemical industry, Haiphong,water plants, agricultural irrigation and other industries.


      Impeller by many experiments and analysis of flow field, strictly control the casting quality, improve the smooth flow degree, and uses thedynamic balance of manufacturing technology, vibration and noise of the water pump is reduced significantly, make the pump run smooth, reducebecause the fault caused by vibration, improve the service life of thewater pump.

      After many times of test and correction with the impeller, the hydraulic model of elaborate design, make the pump efficiency up to 85%, reduce the user power cost, save operation cost.

      Can be hung vertically or obliquely installed (know-how) single stage ormulti-stage impeller.

      Because of the impeller and the pump body part deep water, makes thesuction head is not restricted.

      Can be made of stainless steel, copper, dual phase steel and wear resistant special materials and prolong the service life of the pumpstructure.

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