RSV vacuum blower

  • Capacity:    1.07m3/h-178m3/h
  • Pressure:   -1000mmAq--6000mmAq
  • Outlet:        40mm-300mm


1 wastewater treatment, aquaculture, liquid mixing;

The 2 exhaust, air drying, conveying, dust collecting device;

3 gas and particle conveyance, after burning ash treatment;

4 flue gas desulfurization equipment, environmental regulation;

5 dyeing and finishing papermaking equipment vacuum dehydration;

The adsorption of the workpiece in 6 wood carving.


  • RSV vacuum blower is a positive displacement blower, the negative pressure can be based on user requirements in the allowed range can be adjusted, in the interior of the casing is provided with two groups of mutually in the opposite direction rotation of the impeller, the impeller and the impeller, and the impeller and the casing between leaving onlyminimal gap state rotary. When the impeller through the suction end,capture a certain amount of air between the shell and, along with the rotation of the impeller, the air side shift, discharged from the outlet end.In the process of operation, negative suction end line will slowly rise, untilthe required value.

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