RSW/TRS Pressure Boost Roots blower

  • Outlet:     50mm-300mm(2"-12") 
  • Capacity: 0.98m3/h-149.4m3/h(35-5336CFM)
  • Pressure: 8000mmAq-20000mmAq(0.8-2.0kgf/cm2)


  1. Transportation media: cleaning air, cleaning coal gas, S02
  2. and other fuel gas. Chemical. dust of, backflow, food,metallurgy, fertilizer, steel, oxygen making, cement, electric power, textile, papermaking, petroleum, aqua farm, gas, wastewater, burned dust collecting after burning, vacuum dehydration, FGD, environment ventilation, liquid agitation, conveyance by air......etc.


1. Wide range of capacity, pressure, vacuum
2. When system resistance happens to change and the pressure could be automatic adjustment. 
3. Forced flow characteristic, there would be few variation when pressure changed 
4. High precision parts(first class gear, imported bearing, main parts are module between the our model)
5. During to discharge pressure has a small variation, bearing and gear can reduce torsion so as to steady run for a long time.
6. Rotor of special design which computerized balance to lower noise level and vibration, high efficiency, low consumption
7. Oil-free air
8. In the same rpm, 3-lobe roots blower has low noise level, low vibration and longer life

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