• Power: 0.75 KW - 15 KW
  • Pressure: 6.000 mmAq
  • Dia: 40 - 125 mm


    1/  Low noise

  • Because the blower is installed under water, the operating noises reaching the surface of water are refracted into water instead of air. Meanwhile, water and tank walls also refract the noises intowater. In this way, noises are effectively reduced. SRB series will be applied to school, building, community and hospital.

    2/   Easy installation:

  •  SRB series are not necessary to fix on foundation, saving piping cost. Being installed under water, so there is no need to add a soundproofing cover or build a soundproofing factory. Besides,since it is installed in a water tank, it doesn’t occupy space. The work place can be utilized more efficiently. 


     3/  Less trouble:

  • It is not necessary for belt and pully because SRB series design directly drive system for raising high efficiency and reducing failure factor.

     4/   Motor :  

  • Using squirrel-cage induction motor, with F class insulation and IP68 motor protection grade. Build-in leakage detector in motor, can pervert the motor from burning out, overload & overheating.

      5/ Filtration device:

  •  Dry type. It won’t distort even by sudden pressure rise or absorption force. The area of filtration device is 1.2 times than the capacity of blowers. It can control the pressure loss less than 25mmAq.

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