XP Frame filter press

  • Filter area:                  4-1180 m2
  • Chamber volume:        0.05-23.61 m3
  • Filter plate dimension: 500*500-2000*2000 mm
  • Cake thickness:          25-45 mm


  • Frame filter press apply to the liquid-soild separation in following industries: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgical, textile, environmental protection, energy etc.


1. Material of our liate consists of tpe elastomer,fiber glass, and polypropylene. so our plates have the advantage of flexibility,toughness.rigidity which make sure excellent sealing among plates,so the leaking will not happen during feeding. filtration plate featuring high intensity, light weight,anticorrosion,poisonless and smelless.
2. The main beams are made by 16Mn bridge steel and formed by carbon dioxide protection welding from double side with feature of anti-impacting,anti-extension.It solved the problem of mean beam deformation thoroughly.
3. Our hydraulic system is open type with integration piece.
4. Hydraulic cylinder are made by 27SIMn seamless steel pipe.their precision can up to level of IT8 after process of rough inner machining,refined machining and pressurized rolling.
5. pistons are made by steel 45 and plated with 0.06 chromium after surface processing with feaure of high hardness, anti-wearing ,long life-span.
6. The sealing ring made by the most advanced material 4 fluorine cuprum in Europe and US which can guaranty the sealing performance and agility at least for years without replacing.
7. It's maximum feeding pressure is 1.5Mpa.It can work with high temperature and high pressure with advantage of excellent sealing, anti-corrosion, short filtration period, excellent washing effect, low moisture in cake.
8. Easy operation, convenient repair, auto plate shifting device is matching, safe-guard facilities are equipped. (Photoemission & curtain) to protect operators from damage for customers choices.
9. We can design all kinds of collections no matter fixed trips, shifted trips and hopper according to customer request for filtrate and cake.
10. We can offer cloth for customers with all specifications and do the filtration testing for custormers free of charge in order that we can select the most suitable filtration cloth for customers.
11. According to the demand of material filtration,it can add to wash filtrate cake function.

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