XQZ Fire fighting water booster units

  • Capacity: 18m3/h-216m3/h
  • Head:      40m-130m:


  • XQZ type fire-fighting special purpose pneumatic water supply equipment is a new fire-fighting special purpose fire-extinguishing equipment designed and developed by ChuanYuan company according to GA30-92 National Public Security Industry Standard (performance requirements and testing methods of fire-fighting pneumatic water supply equipment) and JG/T3010.1-94 Architectural Industry Standard and (diaphragm pneumatic water supply equipment) issued by Ministry of Public Security based on AF type automatic fire-fighting units. Water supply equipment is made up of diaphragm pneumatic water tank, water pump unit, pipe system, electrically controlled system and auto control cabinet. The equipment is applicable for use together with all kinds of sensors such as fire-fighting button, temperature and flow quantity sensor etc. in high-pressure fire-fighting water supply system. It can satisfy design requirements for building fire-fighting and is used extensively as fire-fighting water supply system for high-rise building, residence zone, organs of government, college and institute, school and factory, mine and village, also can substitute fire-fighting water tank and fire-fighting control center in some areas.



1. Ensure long-term use of the pneumatic tank once after being inflated; 
2. Can partly substitute high water level tank and water tower; it is helpful for shock proof of construction and does not affect the beautiful appearance of building. Ensure the water supply pressure needed by fire hydrant, with safe and reliable water supply. 
3. Reduce the affections caused by water flow noise, general resisting forceand water hammer.
4. The design of electrically controlled cabinet is novel and its functions are complete, can be either automatically controlled or manually operated. Automatic regular examination function of water pump is added for fire-fighting equipment to prevent rust.
5. Small covered area, saving of invested money, fast installation and easy for centralized management and maintenance. 
6. New disphragm can further improve tightness of mixed gas, reduce oxide etch of tank body and pipeline; prolong the service life of tank body and system. 
7. Dual pipeline are connected to fire-fighting pipe net according to dual-pipe design. The dual outlet pipes is connected with an interconnecting duct of 100mm, on which there is a gate valve with same diameter set.

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